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24 Hour Emergency Response

 First Response service available to Monitoring Customers.

 Response to emergency calls within 2 hours

 Response to urgent calls within 24 hours

 Routine service calls and inspections scheduled for your convenience.

 $90.00 per hour with a two hour minimum during regular business hours (no additional fees or surcharges).

 Time and a half for service calls outside regular business hours. Double time on standard business holidays.

 No additional service fees are charged i.e. fuel surcharges,  or trip charges.

 All material is charged at 15% off List prices in effect at the time of service.

Service Policy


Fire Alarm Installation, Service, and Monitoring

Security Alarm Installation, Service, and Monitoring

Primary (or backup) Telephone Service for Fire and security service.

CCTV Installation, and Service

Access Control Installation, and Service

Telephone/Intercom Installation, and Service

Emergency Two Way Voice Monitoring

Medical Two Way Voice Monitoring

Elevator Phones Two Way Voice Monitoring

Interactive Video Monitoring

Building Safety Code Compliance Inspection

Total Commercial Networking Solutions

Custom Electronic Control Systems

Servicing today's technology

across the front range