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TEK Talk November 18, 2014 - Home security - it's not just about security anymore

Security systems have been traditionally all about security for your home.  In today's world of technology security panels do much more than ever before.  The security systems we sell come with built in cellular communicators eliminating the need for hard wired phone lines.  Cellular communications allow for instant 2 way communications giving the end user to the ability to utilize smartphone applications and web access to arm, disarm, view system status, transmit real time or event driven images of the monitored facility, and with some systems use GEO services to disarm the system, open the garage door, adjust the temperature, and turn on lights when you pull up in front of your home.  This is only an example of the multitude of things that a security panel can do. One of the greatest advantages of a security panel is to monitor smoke detectors for your home.  If you have pets, or a home based business, having a fire department dispatch can be of great comfort when you are away.  Instructions can even be left with the dispatcher where a hide a key is located so first responders can easily access your home without having to break in.  This could also be very useful if you are using a medical alert button, or carbon monoxide detector with your system.  All systems we sell are RF capable allowing us to add devices to your system wirelessly avoiding the cost of running wire through your home in a retrofit application.  All of our systems have "takeover" modules allowing us to quickly install our newer system in place of your existing system and utilize wire and devices already in place.  

If you do not want to upgrade your system at this time, but would like to eliminate a phone line, we use a Telguard cellular communicator that is roughly the size of a cell phone and becomes the telephone for any existing system.

Please call or email to discuss specific details for your home or business.  

TEK Talk March 5, 2014 - Fire and Security System Batteries

Fire alarm system and security systems are often installed with 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries.  Just like a car battery these batteries contain acid which is highly toxic, and can cause chemical burns.  Even bad and or depleted batteries can contain a small electrical charge.  A fire can be started If the battery terminals come in contact with a conductive surface. If you are changing your own batteries contact the battery manufacturers representative to discuss proper safety protocols for safe battery handling and care.

Many fire alarm systems and associated power supplies have two 12 volt batteries connected in series providing 24 volts to the control board.  These batteries must be connected correctly or the circuit board could be damaged.  Many facility managers have discovered that it is cheaper to pay for a service call to have a technician install their batteries rather than spend $2000 for a replacement circuit board. 

The lead in sealed lead acid batteries are recyclable.  Please help us support a better cleaner environment by taking your batteries to a local Batteries Plus store, or call our office for local pickup.  There is no charge for pickup in Colorado Springs. 

TEK Talk January 20, 2014 - Smoke Detector Cleaning

We have been told to stay away from alarm devices our entire lives.  Don't be afraid of cleaning your household smoke detectors.  The easiest way to clean your home smoke detector is to take the brush nozzle and with the vacuum on gently brush around the outside of the smoke detector housing.  Then take a can of compressed air which can be purchased in the computer supplies section at your local electronics store and blow across any openings in the detector housing.  To reduce dust getting into the air place the vacuum nozzle with the vacuum on the opposite side of the detector from the compressed air airflow.

Things to consider:
If your smoke detector is 10 years old the National Fire Code requires that they be replaced.
If your smoke detectors are tied to a system that is being monitored by a central station service, don't forget to call them to let them know that servicing your system. 
If your smoke detectors are tied to a system make sure you know the reset procedures before beginning work.  The more dust you have in the detector the more likely it will activate into alarm when you begin cleaning. 
Don't forget to test each detector using the manufacturers approved test procedures once a month and use that time as a house wide fire drill to consider evacuation options and locations. 

TEK Talk December 20, 2013 - New Interactive Security Monitoring options

We are now partnered with 2GIG and Connect 24 for interactive security monitoring.  2GIG is a fully wireless security system with LCD touch screen display and built in cellular communicator.  2GIG supports smash and crash technology.  Should a break in occur, the control panel will still notify the central station if ripped from the wall and smashed on the floor. 

Connect 24 is an interactive service that communicates with existing or new DSC security systems.  

With both Connect 24 and 2GIG you can view the status of your security system using an application on your IOS or Android device.  With industry standard home automation add in's you can view a camera, turn lights on and off, open your garage doors, and much more from your phone, handheld, or tablet.  

Each system is customized to meet your need.  Call or email for more information. (719) 573-4808.

TEK Talk December 6, 2013 - Windows 8 assessment. 

I have always been fond of trying out new things. I downloaded windows 8 in anticipation of fielding customer (and friends) calls that I get with any new operating system. One of the things windows has done well in the past is create a cross platform environment. This is what happened with windows CE devices. You were able to sync your Windows computer very easily with any device running Windows CE. Right now I have Windows 8 on every computer I have that could be upgraded, and I truly love it.

Windows 8 RT is basically a tile and application driven version of what Windows CE used to be. It will not load any program that is not in the Windows App Store. NOTE OF WARNING: If you use windows desktop based programs (Win 7 and before) Windows 8 RT is not for you. You will want to use Win 8 Pro and not all programs especially proprietary software is compatible with even win 8 pro. My Adobe 8 Pro did not work and had to be upgraded, but my Enterprise version of Office 2007 works great. Use the compatibility assistant before downloading windows 8 pro or 8 RT. One thing to keep in mind is that a device Running Win 8 RT most likely cannot be upgraded because of the type of processor it uses. You must buy a Win 8 Pro or compatible device.

Google Compatibility: Currently Windows does not have many Google apps and is especially unfriendly with Google Drive, and Google Chrome. Rockmelt oddly runs really well. Windows uses a down loadable "Sky Drive" that works well and actually is a better replacement for Google Drive. I pay $2.00/month for 25g of space in Google Drive. I pay nothing extra to use Skydrive. I have found that the specifications on windows 8 based tablets includes only up to 64 gig solid state hard drives. If you have access to WIFI Skydrive allows you to access your files on your desktop computer without downloading them onto your tablet. 

Windows 8 on a PC. Many people have problems with the tiles and Charms. If you use Windows 8 on your computer, I would recommend buying a touch pad. A touch pad is something you are most familiar with on a laptop that replaces a mouse and uses Gestures. Once you have used a touch pad and learn how to use it to it's fullest capabilities you will throw away your mouse. I am using a Dell Wireless Bluetooth touch pad on my desktop computers along with a mouse. The mouse allows for detail work that is more difficult with a touch pad. Since Windows 8 is primarily born to be used with a touch screen device a touch pad allows you to simulate movements that would be on a touch screen. When you swipe your finger across the touch pad from right to left a curious arrangement of icons indicating "Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings". Since there is no longer a start menu this charm bar is critically important. Whatever application you are in when you swipe from right to left you are able to use these charms to make account changes, login/log out, and search the application for pertinent information that you normally would do from a file menu. This is one of the hardest things to get used to with Win 8 for the average user. Navigating an application though is really simple using that right hand side charms bar.

No matter what, if you know the old Win 95 commands they still work in Windows 8. With Windows 8 Pro you can still do everything that you have always done in windows. If you get lost trying to locate things you are used to please give me a call or send an email and I will do what I can to help you.

TEKTalk: November 1, 2013 Carbon Monoxide detectors are a critical item to have in your home. Be careful as to which device you purchase. Many "off the shelf" CO detectors don't work well. Commercial versions of CO detectors are more expensive, but what value do you place on being alerted in time to get your family awake and out?

TEKTalk: September 28, 2013 (Memorial Day) Thanks to all who have served to maintain the freedoms that we enjoy. God Bless you "Ol' Soldier".

 TEKTalk: April 23, 2013 Smoke Detector FAQ: I routinely receive calls from homeowners frustrated because their smoke detectors keep going off. The most common thing I hear is "but the house is only a couple of years old". When community homes are being built they are put together in "turn and burn" style. Multiple contractors are stepping all over each other. While the electrician is installing the smoke detectors, lights, and outlets, the sheet rock is also going up and the carpet isn't installed until after the "construction dust" settles. With all that is going on at any given time on the construction site often times little care is given to the smoke detectors to protect them, and construction dust contaminates the device. Buy a can of compressed air (normally used for cleaning computer keyboards) from the office supply store and blow out the detector once a year when you change the battery. Also run the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner around the outside housing. This will help prevent false alarms and a costly trip from your electrician.

TEKTalk: March 28, 2013 Better safe than sorry "DONT CLICK ATTACHMENTS" Too often I am given a computer to work on as a result of viruses. Most people believe that the anti virus program on their computer is a sole line of defense against viruses. The downfall of this philosophy is that human factor. When you download a file from a seemingly innocent source "like aunt Martha" the virus program in many cases is bypassed. Some web email servers scan a file prior to download. Microsoft Outlook, windows mail, etc...generally do not. Do not click on an attachment in an email unless you confirm the source has sent it. In other words ask Aunt Martha if she sent the attachment before clicking download.

TEKTalk: February 17, 2013 Did you know that smoke detectors are only good for 10 years? If you have a residential smoke detector the national fire code says that it must be replaced. Most residential smoke detectors are only about $12.00 and there often times is a direct replacement for your device. If your smoke detector is powered by high volt 120v ac electrical house power you should call a licensed electrician to service or replace your smoke detector.

TEKTalk: January 4, 2012 It is time to change the batteries in your home smoke detector. Remember that even though your home smoke detector may be powered with the house electrical power it still requires a battery backup. If your smoke detector doesn't have a battery at all it is a good idea to replace the detector due to age.

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